My Insightful Life Coaching
- Mabel The Om -
What if I could help you to live your life:
- full of passion and purpose
- to have a healthier state of mind
- a better interpersonal connection
- a major understanding of yourself
- and an eagerness for life!
All those responses dwell inside you and my job is to make you aware of what is really affecting you and stopping you from achieving your dreams and goals, what is sabotaging your happiness and what is keeping you stuck where you are.
                                     Together we can do it!

We all go through "stuff" in life and sometimes we don't even know why we feel the way we do but the fact is that the help of someone at the right moment can be a "game changer". If you know what I am talking about and you are tired of feeling unhappy and even judged, don't doubt it, give it a try. Time is the only thing we cannot get back!

I have already been a coach for a while and my experience has taught me few key things that I would like you think about:
  •  Willingness: Are you determined to do whatever it takes to recover your life and enthusiasm? To overcome anything that may come to your life? 
  • Openness: Are you willing to share your fears, successess and experiences with your coach?
  • What is stopping you from hiring a coach (helper)?
  • What would be the cost if you do nothing?
Those questions above should have made you think ...
My commitment to you as your coach - if you allow me to know you better - is to walk with you in this process of understanding and awareness. I will help you to get another perspective and approach of the situation and teach you how to apply different strategies in every aspect of your life that is affecting you: love, self-growth, spirituality, grieving, social life, family, marriage/divorce, work/financies...
This is a mutual commitment. Both parties do their work.
Client / Coach become a tandem

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Mabel The Om

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